Mark Eiden, aka, X

      A Show About Anything! 

Mark Eiden aka, “X”, takes you into incredible and unusual places in this 30 minute docu-style reality series. The show’s mantra is, no scripts, no staging, no actors and a heavy dose of realism, bringing back the long-lost feel of a true reality show; a raw and true-grit experience.

Here is what the show is about. Absolutely ANYTHING!  There is NO topic off the table as X travels across the country and at times, out of the USA. That’s it! Any topic; anywhere! The show promises real (REEL) action, adventure and drama. We don't always choose the subject, it often chooses us!

One thing you will find quite different on this reality show is, the lack of crew members present during filming. To prove this fact, X will frequently perform his unique 360° Pan with the camera.  Most often, X will be alone in the process, charged with running the cameras while taking on the show content; a lone wolf approach, you might say, with the occasional exception of a local guest acting as co-host.

Another twist. X will be live streaming often during the process of putting a show together. You can’t fake LIVE!

Come check out the REAL reality show; “Reel Incredible.”